3 Best Tips to get from Procrastination to Success

procrastination, success

Overcoming procrastination is one of my dearest subjects. It can help you turn the failure to success, and most importantly it can improve the quality of your life.

By successfully overcoming the procrastination you can become happier, and regain at least some control over situations in your everyday life.

Step 1: Realizing you need to change

You are here now, right?

Good, because let me tell you something: realizing you need to change is always the first step. Not necessarily there has to be something wrong with you for things to change! I mean, look at the world. Everything’s always changing anyway. That’s the nature of it. The true beauty of it all is that you get to decide what you want to change into.

˝ If you keep waiting for a miracle, then you might as well get comfortable because it won’t just drop from the sky. ˝

Let´s play a little game!

Set your mind on a long term goal. See yourself in the future, but not in a specific situation. Just visualize you being happy, whatever the circumstances.

You see, the thing is nobody knows what life´s got in store for you. That’s what I think is best: not to expect from life to give you exactly what you want. More like, expect from life to give you what’s best for you. Then embrace the situation and just give in.

Let’s change the perspective and review the process upside down.

After seeing yourself “in the future,” try to let it go. The image was created by you and then saved in a file to be later forgotten. Work your way backward to find out how on Earth you’ll get there. Remember, at this point, it may be possible that you don’t even know exactly where “there” may be.

Sounds complicated? Try it out, and you will see how easy it is.

procrastination, success

Step 2: Be proactive while you are procrastinating

Procrastination is also another word for losing the game to life. You are not in control of your life but the other way around.

Not a particularly good feeling. Don´t you agree?

The more you lose, the worse the feeling. Find yourself some side projects that can fulfill your time while procrastinating. There is nothing better than succeeding at something you love to do. That´s how miracles start to happen.

Try to achieve this equation:



You should probably have two or more projects like this going at the same time to be able to bounce between them. When you get stuck with the first project, simply move on to another, and so on. Rotate and practice PROACTIVE PROCRASTINATION!


Step 3: What are you waiting for? DO IT!

Last but not least: do it. Listen to Shia, he sure knows a lot about this topic.

(The annoyance factor being the most powerful of them all.)

There’s really no secret here. At this stage of the game, it all depends on you.

˝ You either do it, or you don’t. ˝

In my case, I just had to realize that I have to be really strong after deciding to do something. Afterward, I just used that strength to convince myself in doing what I have decided to do.

Imagine there are two creatures inside you. The first one keeps saying NO and coming up with excuses. Let’s call him Grumpy.procrastination, success

Grumpy doesn’t want to get out of bed. Grumpy is always comparing you with other people, making you feel unimportant, unaccepted and insignificant human being to others. Grumpy loves complaining about life, and how damn unfair it was.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, luckily the story does not end here.

There is someone else who is entering the stage now. This one is a bit like Shia, we mentioned earlier. He yells at you, yes, but he sure gets you out of bed! Shia is the one who actually pushes you when you’re standing on the edge of the cliff before taking the best dive of your life. Whenever you don’t dare to do it, Shia’s there to give you a ˝friendly˝ push.

Despite all odds go all in and let the pushing begin!

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