3 Biggest Points of Failure for Businesses Trying to Start on Amazon

Selling on Amazon has become very popular and profitable. As the number one online retailer in the world, everyone is out to get their piece of the pie. However, there are three big mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs make when they begin their Amazon business.

Customer Service

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that Amazon will provide customers with all the customer service they need. This is far from the truth. Without good customer service, customers will surely give you bad ratings. Those ratings will add up, and before you know it, your sales will go down or even disappear. Not only should sellers provide great customer service, but according to Amazon’s rules, they’re required to. Ignoring this will not only cause your customers to give you bad ratings, but it could also result in Amazon revoking your seller account. It’s safe to say that bad customer service will lead to the end of your business.


Amazon has become known for extremely fast shipping, so if you’re that seller who takes a week to ship your products, you probably won’t sell very much. You also need to make sure that your products are in secure packaging that looks professional. This will prevent the products from being damaged during shipping, which is one of the biggest complaints from customers on Amazon. You should also consider free shipping. Yes, shipping costs will come out of your pocket, but if you try to make up for these costs by charging fees, watch out! Stated shipping fees can ruin the customer experience and hurt more than help.

Inaccurate Product Descriptions

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to have the wrong product information or the wrong product pictures. Customers depend on pictures and product descriptions to make sure they’re buying exactly what they need. Your product descriptions should be accurate and detailed. Give the customer as many details as possible. Make sure you have clear, high-definition photos that are properly lit. Otherwise, you could face an issue of bad branding.

Selling products on Amazon can bring in a lot of revenue if you take good care of your business and your customers. Just keep in mind that an online business requires as much of your attention as a brick and mortar business would. By providing good customer service, speedy shipping and accurate product descriptions, you’ll set yourself up to be a top seller on Amazon and an entrepreneurial success.

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