3 Biggest Reasons Your Business Needs an Updated Website Now

In just the last five years, the world has experienced rapid changes and disruption thanks to technology. Technology has birthed software and new ways of looking at the internet. Suddenly, stagnant websites that are only one-pagers are a thing of the past. The expectations of the current young generation also have a lot to do with how websites function these days. Not only have they ushered in new tools to build them, they expect specific features to be present when they browse as well. Here are three reasons why your business needs an updated website now. 

Google’s Constantly Updating

As the power of the search engines grew and professionals figured out how to maximize its capabilities as a marketing tool, the search engines realized they had to harness how results were being manipulated. Google, for example, releases updates for its indexing algorithms to prevent individuals from gaming the results. Your website, therefore, may experience changes in traffic. Updating your website according to the new search engine standards helps your customer base continue to find you. You can also use tools like Google My Business to direct more traffic towards your site. It helps other users who enter related keywords into the search engines find your site, too.

Visitor Tastes Change

It was found that bad web design can drive away 88% of customers, which is a major threat to your business. If you understand your customer base and you understand the client base you are trying to attract, you can update your website to match their expectations. The taste of your visitors also changes. If you at least update your website with basic features, you are on the right track. Ensuring your site has good architecture and does not contain things like broken links puts you on the right road, too.

Changes in Website Building Tools

The visual differences between a website that was built a decade ago and a year ago are obvious. The level of user-friendliness is obvious as well. Today, video, social media and responsiveness can be integrated as updates. These updates turn your site into a valuable marketing and sales tool that can easily lead to an increase in conversions, exposure and meaningful inquires for more information.

An updated website gives it credibility. While you may very well use your site as an online placeholder to disseminate information in a simple manner, even if you make slight updates to keep it current helps.

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