3 Reasons Your Business Growth Is Stagnating

Keeping your business moving forward can be difficult, especially when your goals and income start stagnating, and you don’t know why. There can be a lot of reasons for your business growth stagnating, but there are three major reasons many people tend to overlook when analyzing their annual growth.

Higher Competition

Businesses sadly don’t survive in a vacuum. Competition can be a major factor when it comes to how your business grows and performs. A sudden influx of competition in your area can stunt your business growth, especially if your consumers like to shop around for the best deals rather than to stay loyal to a single company. There are a few things you’ll need to do in order to keep customers flooding to your business instead of the competition, but the most important is providing amazing customer service.

Unoptimized Production

The more your business grows, operations issues become more and more of a threat to production. Unoptimized production issues scale with the quota for how much needs to be done. Waiting thirty minutes on a department to do approvals might not hurt when your quotas are 100 units per day, but it can be a death sentence for your business once you start requiring hundreds of thousands of units in a day. Departments that are left with lengthy bits of downtime while waiting on another task are the first places to check to see if you have operations issues. Be on the lookout for any of the DOWNTIME wastes that could be plaguing your operation.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Change can be good, especially if you’re looking to keep your business growing. There are advancements being made every day in the optimal way to run a business with new technologies constantly being developed. Don’t be afraid to implement new technologies and to look into new ways to run your business to help keep up with your business needs. If you continue to fear change will only end up holding your business back in the long run.

While there are many more ways to keep your business growth from stagnating, these three should provide a good starting point in analyzing your business and looking for places to improve upon. Letting your business growth stagnate is the first clear sign that your business is at risk of taking a turn for the worse. Slight stagnation due to external pressures is normal, but prolonged periods of stagnation can be dangerous to the health of your business.

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