3 Steps to a High-Converting Lead Capture Strategy

One of the hardest things to do in the business world is to convert leads to actual sales. However, we’ve put together three steps that will get you on the road to a successful high-converting lead capture strategy.

Know Your Customers

The very first step you should take is capture data about your potential customers. You will want to know the target market for your product or brand, and that means identifying and understanding demographic data, purchase behavior, and geographic data. This will give you a sense of your customer base’s age gender, location, region, and buying habits. One way to help collect this data is through the use of a data collection form on your website. Knowing the specifics of your target base then allows you to better reach them. Once you have this information, you can customize your interactions and adjust them based on the performance of your campaigns.

Implement Live Response

Another way to convert leads is to use a live response feature on your website. These can come in the form of a chatbox, a live receptionist, or a webchat. The benefit of these features is that you can respond quicker than you can with email or direct messages. Whether on the phone or through chat, modern consumers want answers to their questions within seconds, rather than minutes or hours. Having a virtual receptionist may be the difference between converting and losing a lead. After all, your potential customer will feel as if you are there to take care of their needs, and they also won’t have time to reconsider or research other companies.

Offer a Free Trial, Gift, or Discount

Another way to convert leads into actual sales and customers is to offer some kind of free trial, gift, or a discount. On the whole, consumers don’t like giving away their personal information for nothing. What that means for you is that you are losing access to information, including email addresses, which then means you have no way of reaching that consumer after they leave your website. However, offering a week-long free trial of your product, a free product, or even a discount can capture a potential customer. After all, it’s hard to say no to something that is free. You can use a pop-up feature on your website to make this offer, and in return, the customer has to either create an account or website and/or sign up for your email list.

Your high-converting lead capture strategy should include knowing all you can about the customers you’re trying to reach. From there you can implement other converting strategies, including live response and offers of free trials or gifts.

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