Art of articulation: Hacks, tips and tricks


For those people who have many thoughts, ideas and words in their heads, it may become a bit hard sometimes to express them to others. Especially when other people don’t really understand what on Earth you’re on about.  This post is – you guessed it – about the art of articulation.

First of all, to solve a problem, it often helps to turn it upside down. So instead of worrying about how to say things, do the opposite. Listen more. Have a try at asking your listeners what they think about what you’re saying. They will provide opinions and feedback. Listen to what they have to say about the subject. This will provide you a guide to keep elaborating further what you meant to say in the first place. People are not dumb. It just happens that sometimes we have very different languages even if we are speaking the same tongue.

Change the way you look at things

Another trick that could help is the following. As often as you can, make the attempt to step out of your square of thought. Change the way you look at things. Remember that thing about turning the problem upside down. This means to think differently by finding a new perspective to your opinions. And your peers can provide with the ideas to help you do just that. You never know, maybe you’ll discover things you had never thought of before.

Articulation and heavy traffic of thoughts

Keep your mind clear. If you’re experiencing a heavy traffic of thoughts, you won’t be able to focus on how to communicate them. Treat one small subject at a time. Explore it creatively without any rush. Only then the right words will then come to you.

Observe the way you communicate and try to find the little things that make people switch off far from your message and what you are trying to say. If you’re speaking too fast, try to slow down. Don’t use too elaborate words if the person you’re talking to won’t understand them. Make an effort to find simpler ways to explain your thoughts. This is possible only if you keep in mind the person you are talking to and how he/she would understand you better. Maybe other kind of tools could help such as examples, metaphors, short stories, etc. Why not be imaginative about it?

Always remember that in this kind of situation, the most important thing is to be patient. Otherwise, you’ll never figure a way to do it because you’ll exasperate every time. Breathe deeply and go slow with things. Eventually, you’ll be able to communicate any idea efficiently to anyone you encounter.

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