How to Be Successful While Being Lazy

Success and laziness

Laziness is something most are ashamed of. “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat”. For example, this is what Bible says (2 Thessalonians 3:10) about it. Well, you guessed it, my view on the subject is different! Laziness can be a key to success!

Laziness has always been one of the motors of evolution and when used right, it can be also a key way to success. As people living in the 21st century, we sure are lazy creatures. The easier things are for us, the better.

“Oh, do you seem to have a problem with that thing? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that!”

I seem to be listening to this kind of talk more and more with every day that passes. That’s why I want to share with you, my very own perspective on our lazy habits and how to make the best of them.

Observe those around you and try to point out the little thing that stops them from doing something.

Just observe how far laziness brought us

If you can explore laziness correctly, you may discover some interesting aspects of human behavior that can be exploited. Take Uber for example. The now internationally known app owes its success to one little and simple idea: how inconvenient it can be to call a taxi or trying to get it on the streets.

Bright ideas can come from anywhere, even your own couch!success laziness

To take an idea like that and simply transform it into something better is what produces success. Uber used it to improve the experience of taking a taxi. Note that I highlight the word “experience”. That is because an experience is what people are actually buying at the end of the day.

“Nothing material is intrinsically valuable, except in whatever promise of happiness it carries”, writes author James Hamblin in Buy Experiences, Not Things.

And that, my dear folks, is how you can take a mature industry, such as transportation (in this case, taxis), make it user-friendly and become the world’s largest taxi company without having to own a single taxi!

Laziness as two-edged sword

However, I am aware that not all laziness is good. In fact, it can be the cause of quite severe problems. Fast food, for example, exists because of both laziness and speedy lifestyles. Here’s another bright idea: how could you combine a healthy diet with a busy routine when the person is too lazy to cook? Think about it.

Use it well. It all depends on this. When you see that people like orange juice, you can decide either to grow some oranges or to produce a beverage that is similar to orange juice, but maybe not so healthy. Which of these options would you choose?

The most important factor is the Human Factor.

We are all trying to get better and we are in this together. Never forget the importance of helping others. If you always keep in mind what’s best for those lazybones around you, you can achieve great things! After all, the more people you help, the more successful you will become!

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