Becoming successful: How do you make mistakes but no errors?

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Becoming successful with avoiding making errors in life you might as well not do anything at all. Mistakes (as in those events caused by carelessness) are okay. And guess what? The errors (as in a deviation from what’s correct) are also OKAY! You must have heard plenty of times that we learn from our mistakes. This means that to make a mistake twice means that you didn’t get the lesson right. And that’s the error. 

Being absolutely unable to err would make you some kind of robot. And even robots make mistakes once in a while! Otherwise, we would live in a sci-fi world controlled by perfectionist machines.

It is a truth universally acknowledged: becoming successful is not an easy road. There will always be bumps along the way but what makes it count is how you deal with them. Maybe, on some occasions, it comes down to your own perspective on the situation you’re in. Whether you see it as a mistake you can work to solve or a catastrophic error, you can always do something about it. Even only adjusting your own point of view can be a comfort.

A mistake helps us recognize when something is going wrong before it becomes an irreversible error.

Becoming successful and taking life too seriously?

Stay alert and don’t take anything for granted. This will help you see things as they are. Remember, a problem is just a situation which can’t help to be exactly as it is. It’s your judgement on that situation what makes it a problematic one. Learning to find the bright side on errors is what will eventually help you to avoid them in the future.

The most important thing is by becoming successful and staying this way not to take life too seriously. Nobody is perfect. Look at the most successful people you know. Even they had struggles, didn’t they? That’s because they learnt from both mistakes and errors, got over them and carried on. Don’t let your past fiascos mold your present.

Look at your errors in the face and tell them to (pardon my French) go to hell! Your success is your own task and nobody should take that away from you. Not even your own failures. No, let me rephrase that. Especially not your own failures!

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