Being a life coach is all about thinking outside the box

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Why having a life coach makes sense? Think about it … Have you ever had one of those problems you can’t solve until someone else comes and gives you their own insight about it and then you realize that’s exactly what you needed? Instead of smashing your head against the wall, you are simply allowed to expand your point of view.

That’s what life coaching and having life coach is about!

As human beings, we are constantly growing; always wanting to get better at what we do. We also crave for a sense of fulfilment. We want to be happy. This is the path of life in which you will encounter many important people who will support, train and guide you. A life coach is one of these.

Being able to listen to a different perspective is what makes you grow in every aspect of life. Now, to have access to a specialized perspective in a certain area is even better. That’s how you make sure coaching will be worth it.

It’s like if you want to train a sport or be a great singer, you hire a coach to teach you the best way to achieve what you want. Well, what about other matters? How do you train for life? How do you prepare for whatever comes to you?

One of the best ways of growing comes with introspection. The most significant steps you’ll make, you’ll make on your own. You will find out your best attributes and your weaknesses. That becomes the very first step: to be fully aware of your flaws, accept them completely and then, start working on them.

Life coach knows how to trigger the change!

But there’s only so much we can do without any guidance. The job of a life coach is to trigger that change within you. I absolutely know that what works for someone, may not work for everyone.

When you are a coach like me, you realize that you still need guidance from others because it’s entirely different to help others than help yourself. That’s why I still have coaches, use them regularly and keep learning and growing. Also, this puts me in the opposite place which gives a significant perspective.

It’s always important to remember that nobody has the perfect answer to life’s problems. It’s not about miracle-making; it’s about hard work and not giving up. I’m only here to help you build a self-supportive path in your own life.

I always say that “having a coach is an investment, not a cost”. There is a range of prices for life coaching and you are the one who chooses what you really need. This is your LIFE we are talking about, your HAPPINESS, your GROWTH. Are these really worth the investment? Because of my personal experience I’ll say to you: they sure are.

If you want to know more about what it’s like being life coach or other subjects, please feel free to ask me anything. Or you maybe want to read more advices from an experienced Fail Coach? Then browse through our category “Life Coaching” and take a day off, because you’ll find plenty of interesting reading material.

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