Bouncing back from failed business

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Is bouncing back from failed business even possible? How does one bounce back from leaving a good job to start a business, failing miserably at the business, and losing everything in the process? 

First of all, you would have to define to yourself what it is you understand by “failed business” or “failing” itself. Ask yourself: Have I really lost everything? What do I have left? Make a list of these things. They can be anything: matters of your own good health, financial resources, human resources, etc. This will help you visualize what you have so afterwards you can ask another crucial question: how can I work with what I still have?

After doing these questions and lists, you can start observing your current situation objectively and with a cold mind. Describe your own circumstances. You can write them on a piece of paper or talk about them to yourself or to someone else. Try detaching yourself from the situation. Take an outside-perspective. Thus, you may be able to find some prospects and solutions for your problems.

Amazing opportunities often don’t last

In life, it often is the case that we don’t get just One Big Chance. When you’re in front of one of those, you may think “This is it. This is my One Big Chance.” And the truth is that it may be an amazing opportunity, yes, but it quite possibly won’t be the last. The world is not at all that small. There will always be more of what you can do. The trick is in knowing how to detect those other possibilities. So make it a challenge to go out there and find them.

Picture your biography as a series of chapters. One chapter will never be neither like the previous one nor the next. If the present moment is rough, put a final period to it, close the current chapter and start a new one. When you do this, you’ll find yourself in a blank page where you must not mind the past at all. If you look backwards you remain in the past and that’s definitely not where you’re going.

Making “something” out of failed business

Remember, you already quit a good job to take a chance. You must know that to do that takes an enormous amount of courage. This means that the hard part has already passed. Make your failed business a stepping stone. Now the task is to find again that courage within you and use it to keep moving.

One thing is certain. Optimism is what will get you through not just business fail, but through it all. There is no better attitude for climbing back up. Keep in mind all the people out there who, despite of having almost nothing, keep fighting with a stupendous smile on their faces.

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