Businesses You Can Start if You Have a CDL

You’ve been out on the road for years as a truck driver, but you’re starting to feel that hunger for freedom—freedom of time and money. Basically, you are ready to grow a sustainable business…one that you can finally call your own. Here are three different businesses you can start with a commercial driver’s license.

Moving Company

Moving companies are businesses that never go out of style. Even when the economy is down, people will always still need to relocate. A moving company may be the right company for you to start, especially since you already have a CDL.

If you want to start your own moving company, you should start small. Invest in a smaller moving truck and start marketing yourself online. Fortunately, your main company expenses will be gas—and maybe some moving equipment. Starting your own moving company can be as easy as that. Don’t be afraid that people won’t be interested in your business. Many people prefer using small moving companies because it is a lot cheaper and they don’t have to worry about driving the moving vehicle long distances.


Most states require you to have a CDL before driving a tow truck—but, lucky for you, that is something you already have. In other words, you are one step closer to starting your very own towing company! It’s worth considering.

Before offering towing services, make sure you set up your business correctly with the right tax registration, paperwork, and business insurance. In fact, people in the towing industry should protect themselves with several types of insurance. Luckily, many insurance companies offer package deals that will give you auto liability insurance, medical insurance, physical damages insurance, and uninsured motorist insurance—everything you need to protect your company.

Shuttle Services

Offering shuttle services is a perfect small company for someone who already has a CDL. If you live near a large city, there will always be plenty of people wanting an inexpensive ride to and from the airport, or workers who wish to commute to and from work without needing to drive. Shuttle services are not only greater entrepreneurial ventures, but they can also help reduce pollution if you shuttle multiple people at the same time.

Hopefully, your mind has started churning with ideas on how you can begin your very own company. After all, you deserve something that will give you a steady income and an independent lifestyle—today is the day to take hold of the wheel of your own future.

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