Can you live in the moment without sacrificing success?

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Before answering the question on sacrificing success, you would have to ask yourself what is your personal definition of success. Many people imagine success comes in the shape of money or fame. Others believe it’s more about happiness and inner-peace. But what these two visions have in common is that they both tend to be pictured in the future. Then the concept of success becomes an intangible aim

Once you realize what success means to you, start analyzing the notion of it. Ask yourself how you could achieve it. Do you have the means necessary to make it come true? This kind of questions make you acknowledge where you actually stand and this always represents the first step towards your goals.

Nevertheless, although it’s good to know where you want to go, you shouldn’t get lost in the future. Many people live every day only thinking about what tomorrow will bring, whether they imagine it’ll be good or bad. We keep looking at the far horizon instead of focusing on the road we’re walking. But the most important thing to keep in mind about the future is that it’s not real. It just doesn’t exist anywhere but in your own head. Nobody can ever know what will happen. So why would you even worry about a form of success that is actually only fictional?

Sacrificing success? No, live in the moment

The truth is that if you have the idea of success as something that will eventually come, you’ll never be able to live in the moment. Sure, it may happen to you once in a while when you’re in an apt state to enjoy it. But the most probable thing is that it will pass and go because you’ll sure be wondering about what’s next. That’s how the mind works unless you make it go silent for a while.

Thus, living the moment does not mean to give up something else. It’s not something you create when you have nothing else better to do. It’s a constant attitude towards life and every single day of it. It’s not about quitting a certain situation and walking into a different one in order to gain happiness. On the contrary, it comes when you accept your circumstances, which ever these may be. It is to be here and now, where neither the past nor the future exist.

If you can’t live the moment, you miss the chance for creating your own success. No sacrificing success is needed. Your goals only arrive when you live in the present moment and enjoy the ride without worrying about the results.

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