Who am I? Discover Who You Are and What Makes You Happy

For many number of reasons, it’s really important to get to know yourself. To fully acknowledge the things you believe in; to recognize your thoughts and emotions; having clear what you are looking forward to, etc.

All these things have an impact on your mind and shape you as a person. Even to know what kind of lifestyle you like having represents a significant aspect of your life.

And you need to stay informed about this.

Firstly, you should always keep in mind to take care of your inner beauty.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The truth is that the only thing that can make you feel good about yourself is your own mind.” quote=”The truth is that the only thing that can make you feel good about yourself is your own mind.”]

Do you think you could use some tips on how to work on your inner beauty? Here they are, check them out.

The first step to get to know you is to have a good look at yourself. That’s it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Find the bright side in your soul; the little things about you that make you feel good.” quote=”Find the bright side in your soul; the little things about you that make you feel good.”]

This is one of the best key ways to happiness I think you’ll find. After all, there is only one person who you can be sure you’ll spend your whole life with. That person is you. So, it sure is a smart thing to do your best to coexist with that one as best as you can, wouldn’t you agree?

Through the looking glass

Look in the mirror and tell me what you see. No, wait. Not that mirror. There is another kind of mirror which reflects something deeper than your looks. It’s inside of you and it shows your emotions.

Always let them your emotions flow. Nothing good ever comes of suppressing them. You need to be honest with yourself in order to get to know all the things that are within you. Besides, it’s a good therapy.

Have you ever heard of the saying: “Never forget who you are”?

Keep in mind, this is not about making up a statement and repeating it every time you think you need it. It’s about constantly doing some self-reflection and just seeing what’s there. No judging and no statements, just silent observation. Who knows, you may be surprised by what you’ll find.

In life, we start learning from the point where our knowledge ends; and the more we know about ourselves, the most interesting things we find. It never stops. Change is always just around the corner. That’s what makes it all quite interesting.

Explore your true self with this method

“Dear me…”

Okay, let’s pretend this is A (kind of) Christmas Carol for one moment, shall we? If a friendly ghost would tell you right now that you could write a letter about your past self, what would you say of him/her?

That’s what I did, in fact. I wrote a letter to myself, titled “Miha – yesterday, today, tomorrow”.

The “yesterday” part was, of course, the hardest since I had to talk about the person who I used to be. We all were different people in the past, no matter how recent or how far it is from the present. I had to write down everything; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Living in the past is a tough burden. And it’s a blindfold. It keeps you from seeing your true self just as it is in the present. Be sure not to get lost while thinking of the person who you used to be.

Yes, it’s not easy looking at your life choices and maybe regretting some of them. But let me tell you, it’s one of the best life’s lessons you can get. Are you looking for a wake-up call? Write down all these things about yourself and you’ll get it.Discover who you are

And then, let the exploration begin!

After you get a first glimpse of the true you, you’ll start generating questions. And those will be very good questions! Ask yourself everything you need to know. It helps if you write the answers down, too.

Why do I think like this? What has led me to believe in these things? Am I missing something out of life? Why? Am I playing a made up role in order to satisfy society?

These are just a few examples of introspective questions. It’s all about philosophizing. Do you know why kids are like sponges? It’s because they are always asking “why, why, why” to life. We, as adults, often think we know enough about the world or about ourselves. Well, we don’t. So, go ahead, be like a little kid and go to explore your own feelings and thoughts.

Take it from me.

This is how I learnt from my past. Exploring myself and coming up with the decisions I needed to make and taking actions that would eventually turn my life around; having my feelings clear as water and thinking about how I could do better, how I could do things differently.

It’s an ongoing process. We never stop evolving, therefore we never stop learning. I still ask myself (as often as my growth goes) the important questions about my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. And I still find new and wonderful things about myself every day.

Why don’t you give this a try and let me know how it goes?

I hope this post was helpful to you. If it was, don’t forget to share it.

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