Don’t Leave Those Customer’s Hanging – Top Tips for Increasing Customer Communication

Have you ever been frustrated while attempting to contact a customer service department? Customer service is vital to the success of your business. Read on to learn 3 tips for increasing customer communication.

Make Multiple Lines of Communication

The tradition of just using email and phone is over. Your business must have many ways your customers can interact with you. Some of the options should be static and some require ongoing interaction. Be sure to use both types so you can appeal to modern and more traditional customers. Live chat, follow up emails, social media, live stream on YouTube, are just a few of the options that you have open. Be sure to tailor each line of communication to the demographic that is most likely to use them. Instagram for example tends to be more popular with the younger generation whereas emails are popular with older generation.

Have Live Options

In addition to the traditional lines of communication such as email and phone, there are a few different live answering options that you could employ. One option is to use an app that incorporates a live chat on your website. The app proactively pops up and asks customers if they need help and your customers can also take it upon themselves to activate the live chat of their own volition. Social media is another way you can engage with your customers in real-time. Read and respond to comments, check your DM’s for customers who are reaching out to you and also use content creating, to blend your marketing with a call to actions. CTA’s can include surveys, contests, feedback through comments, live streaming on YouTube, interactive IG stories and more. Get creative. When it comes to social media, often, engagement is more meaningful than the number of followers you have.

Use Email Automation

Use email automation to send confirmation email, surveys or thank you emails. In general, no matter which type of email you are sending, create a signature that includes all the information your customers need if they want to reach out to you. This includes phone numbers, email, website and all of your social links. Avoid bombarding your customers. It can be a fine line between proactively reaching out to them, letting them know you are available when they need you and smothering them.

These are just three of many ways you can increase communication between you and your customers. Get creative. Your customers want to know that you are available to help them when they need you. Even if it takes time to resolve their issue, many times they will be happy just knowing that you are there and taking care of them in the meantime.

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