Biggest enemies of business and personal success

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Fear and apathy are the biggest enemies of business and personal success. But before anything, you would have to ask yourself what is your personal definition of success. Many people imagine success comes in the shape of money or fame. Others believe it’s more about happiness and inner-peace. Once you realize what success means to you, start analyzing the notion of it. Ask yourself how you could achieve it. Do you have the means necessary to make it come true? This kind of questions make you acknowledge where you actually stand and this always represents the first step towards your goals. 

In a few words and in my personal opinion, two of the greatest enemies of living a successful life are FEAR and APATHY. There may be many other external factors that can have an influence on your path but the first one you have control of is your own world-view.

Let’s elaborate. These attitudes represent the reasons for a withdrawal from living. Either of them can apply to both your current mood and whatever you see coming. Basically, they impede you from grabbing the chances that life can offer you. And most importantly, they both come from within. This means that, most of the times, YOU are the one who holds the whole responsibility for your well-being.

The word “fear” may sound excessive. But what I mean when I say it is about the forms of fear that we experience in our daily lives, such as stress and anxiety. These conditions are absolutely ordinary in our societies but that doesn’t mean you should abide by them with no question. They can actually lead to serious physical trouble for you.

Other enemies of business and personal success

Fear of living may also go hand in hand with personal insecurity. Whether this is low self-confidence or overthinking about forthcoming events, it is of great importance to work on it so it doesn’t become an obstacle for your achievements.

The second one is apathy. With it comes laziness and negligence. It means to deny life’s circumstances. To make excuses and to find faults in those situations you don’t feel like facing. In this case, one is transformed by the apathy into a sort of parasite that floats in any random direction.

Once, I met a man who had no interest whatsoever in anything that life could offer him. He never found any motivation in work, relationships or hobbies. He would talk about business and personal success as if success would one day come knocking at his door but he never did anything to accomplish it. He just sat there, with no purpose in life at all. A life without passion seems like a life wasted, don’t you think?

Important ally of business and personal success

On the other hand, what I think is a huge ally of success is gratefulness. It often creates a positive approach towards life and keeps you aware of the present. Likewise, giving thanks for whatever your current situation is helps you reflect an engaging personality to those who surround you.

And finally, here goes a little trick. Try to observe the small gains you get on a day to day basis. The accumulation of these is what will eventually lead you to where you want. Real business and personal success is not so much about the final destination but rather about your personal state of mind when you get there.

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