Expenses You Can Expect When Putting on an Event

Putting on an event for your business can be a great way to celebrate growth, bring in new clients, and make connections with other businesses. But big events can also come with a pretty big price tag. It is important that you learn about the potential costs you might face. 

Food and Supplies 

Your first concern should be making sure that your guests are comfortable and happy throughout your event. This generally means providing food and other things to make the event a happy occasion. Your catering budget should be enough to comfortably feed everyone and to have a little extra. It is always better to have a bit more than you need, rather than running out of food. As far as supplies you will want to make sure that you have plates and cutlery for the food among decorations, fliers, and anything else that you think can enhance the impact of your party for you and your guests. 


It is also important that you have proper security for the event you are hosting. Security needs can vary from event to event, so it is important to make sure that you have adequate security, but also that you don’t overdo it with too much of a security presence. Security isn’t just the personnel you have on hand to keep people safe, in fact, it also involves physical elements of your event. For example, temporary fences can provide security in an outdoor event setting. By taking care of security needs, you ensure everyone will be safe to enjoy themselves at the company event. 


At many events, you want to have at least some form of entertainment. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for entertainment at your event, but it is important that you have something to keep your guests occupied. Live music can be a great addition to your event, but it certainly comes at a cost. You could also invest in a comedy show, performance, or a different form of entertainment depending on the tone you want to set for your company experience. 

Throwing a company event can be a great thing for your business, but you want to make sure you understand the budget first. Plan for all the elements of your event so you can know in advance what it will cost and avoid stress the day of. That way you can get as much out of your business event as your company itself.

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