Is it necessary to go through bad times and failed business?

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If you think it’s necessary to suffer and go through failed business before expecting something better, then it could happen that you spend your entire life waiting for that thing to come. Despite what some people say (things like “you have to work for it”), it is never necessary to suffer. Let alone to become the victim of your own life. That would lead you to feel sorry for yourself and there are not many good and productive things you can accomplish from that position. It merely creates a negative opinion about everything you do.

When we find ourselves going through a rough patch, the most natural thing we do is to look at the future, hoping that things will get better somehow. But nobody actually knows what tomorrow will bring so the best way to get through bad times – or as I did through failed business – is working on not letting a certain situation bring you down. Try to figure out a way to work on the circumstances to make them better.

Although it is true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, the real trick is just in not letting it kill you. Don’t make yourself a martyr. Instead, become the hero of your own story and work with what you already have.

No need for failed business!

The time to wake up is now, not later. If you are aware of who you are and what you really want in your life, focus on that. You can make that change happen without going through a dark phase because you will already be conscious of that change within you. It is true that, to do this, you require a strong determination and to always keep in mind that after a powerful change, there are exceptional things to come.

You can do great things from where you are standing now. There is no need to hit bottom and find yourself in a middle of a failed business in order to build something good. Every day is a new page so take it from there and keep going. Always be aware of your current situation without thinking about what’s to come. Dale Carnegie said “today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”. This quote teaches us to live in the present, which is in fact the only thing we’ve got.

In this life, we have nothing but each moment. Here and now, as you read these words, make the decision to live each of these instants the best way you can. No one else will do it for you. It depends on you and you alone to make your time either bad or something that’s really worthy. You are the only one who holds that power to “wake up for something great”. Once you realize and accept this, fulfillment will follow, with failed business or not.

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