Fear of failure and letting it go

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What is fear of failure and how to get rid of it? Let’s start at the beginning. While walking this peculiar and jolly road we call life, there are many things that are not absolutely essential to achieve our well-being. I could come up with an extensive list of all these but in the end YOU are the one who determines what you need and what you don’t.

In my personal opinion, the most important thing that I learnt to let go of is fear of failure. It becomes an obstacle for you to gain power over your own life. I soon found out that you can accomplish so much more without letting past experiences hang over your head.

The Past can grow into a burden if you allow it.

It’s almost like a ghost who terribly enjoys haunting you and will happily do so for all eternity. As an alternative, living the moment as it comes (and more importantly however it comes) and accepting all the things that surround you will eventually lead you to reach a peace of mind.

In this aspect, you could also work on not creating any judgment and prejudice over events, relationships or things. People often are used to playing the victims of their own lives. Maybe they expect that, sooner or later, someone else will come to save them. The truth is you are the hero of your own story and acknowledging such a fact will empower you enormously.

You are in control of your personal path. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have to be in control of everything.

Fear of failure and letting it go

Let go of the worry that comes when something is out of your hands. Do not fear the failure.

This could be tremendously difficult at first but if you can get to the point where things can no longer affect you, you will find that everything will be okay. Let It Be, said the Beatles. Keep this motto in mind. In like manner, you don’t have to possess all the answers. Nobody actually does. The bliss of the “not-knowing” allows spontaneity and life itself to happen.

Try to get rid of the “noise”. By this I mean all those voices which don’t let you be who you are to the fullest. They can come from anywhere (society, family, friends, relationships or even yourself). This is how identity is created which can be valuable at times but be careful with it because it could enclose you.

There is no need to play any of the roles these voices demand you to. As soon as you let go of the pressure they put on you, you’ll feel free. Above anyone else, go to yourself for advice. Believe everything else will eventually fall into place.

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