Financial problems: How to break free once and for all

Financial problems

A client asks me: I have financial problems. For years feel so stuck financially. How do I break free once and for all?  You would have to begin by asking yourself what is it that you want to break free from. Is it your financial struggles or the misery that comes with it? It’s very important to make clear that these are not the same thing. And actually you can solve one of them without solving the other. Once you realize that the first step to achieve financial stability is to work on the well-being of both your mind and body.

Imagine winning a lottery

For the sake of the argument let’s say you win the lottery and $10 million dollars with it. Financial problems are the matter of a past. But in fact this event would just be of a superficial nature. Without a true change of heart, money would not make a real difference. It is quite possible that you would continue to perpetuate the same behavior only in more luxurious surrounding. If you find it hard to believe this, try thinking of a millionaire who is still greedy and apathetic.

They say that when you’ve reached the bottom, there’s no way to go but upward. But this may not always be the case. If you keep being negative, you’ll only manage to pull yourself even lower than that. Analyze the point of view you have towards life. Perhaps a negative attitude is what in truth afflicts on your situation. Lamentation, to have pity on oneself, complaining about our circumstances and bitterness are only a few things caused by dwelling on the past.

Overcome financial problems with being thankful!

It may sound hard, but something that often helps is to be thankful. Put aside the thoughts of all the things you don’t have. There is no point in thinking about those anyway because well, you don’t have them. This could represent a difficulty at first, but keep trying. Look around you and give thanks for that. It can be anything from a simple little thing to your whole life. Try to avoid denying what you already have in the present. Being grateful creates an inner peace that will help to ease your financial struggle.

There’s no magic formula for instant overcoming of financial problems and becoming rich. Anyone who tells you they got a wondrous trick to accomplish success is possibly lying. The truth is that each one of us is here making our own individual paths. Try focusing on yours. Be kind with your own self. Take the small steps that feel right in the moment. And then, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in a better position because you’ll have enjoyed the road.

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