How to find your perfect partner in life or in business

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In our lives, it’s hugely important to know who to have around and why do we keep those people there. If you want to find out which are the secrets for achieving a meaningful relationship, here I will share them with you.

When it comes to choosing people to take a part in your life, there is a common mistake people often make.

Especially at companies, I used to go for professional skills and knowledge when I was about to hire someone. I didn’t really care for their values, habits or ways of thinking. You find all these things afterward, maybe when it’s too late.

Whether you are looking for an employee or business partners or a personal relationship, it all comes down to one thing: empathy.

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The strongest connections are built upon the important things that matter to us. For example, if I mean to hire a man who is terribly unpunctual –and I am always on time–, then it will just not work out. So, before I employ him, I must know this.

It’s basically the same thing with personal relationships. Think about it. If, people are looking for different things –important things–, what will become of the relationship? It’s doomed to fail!

I mean, it’s okay to like Indian food even if your partner does not, but when it comes to meaningful life goals and things you are not willing to let go, maybe you should step out before someone gets hurt.

If you don’t share 7 out of 10 important things when you are getting to know each other, the relationship/partnership will not work out the way you expect it to.

That’s the worst case scenario. Nobody wins 100% because each partner starts making sacrifices for the other one. But these are the aspects of your life you shouldn’t give up on. Your important things make you who you are.

Control your emotions!

Yes, of course, it’s good to develop your Emotional Intelligence. After all, Emotional Intelligence beats IQ, and here’s why.

But we also need a peace of mind. Otherwise, we would always have to handle an unstable storm of emotions inside us!

You have the power to know when to use your emotions and when to think rationally. The eternal battle between the heart and the brain stops when you take over and tell them what to do.

Picking business partners or co-workers should be more logical than emotional. Go with your head on this one. That way, it will definitely work on the long run. Otherwise, letting emotions control you will lead to impulsive decisions.

Now, when faced with a personal relationship, it’s obviously more complicated to silence you heart. It seems almost impossible to avoid the rush of love and so we are driven by adrenaline. But when it wears off, what will there be left?

Not sharing the important things is a huge deal. I’ve seen relationships around me that just don’t function and they keep struggling to keep things together. Sometimes, the best thing for everyone is to just end the whole thing and move on.

Now, broken hearts and unfulfilled relationships are not failures.

“Failure is basically learning in real life, not in a classroom.”

The ability to know the difference between failing and learning will change your life, trust me. Take a look at what I’m talking about here.

If you are in the process of choosing a partner, whether it’s for your personal life or your professional one, I hope this can help with the decision.

Thanks for reading.

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