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“Who would you like to be?” is a question that we expected to hear often when we were younger. Now, it sounds almost ridiculous when asked to a grown up person, working in the field of life coaching. But go along with this and try asking yourself this question. The worthy answer, which will be the first step to changing your lifestyle, will not come from your head. Our minds tend to overthink too much when dealing with matters of importance. Instead, imagine yourself in various possible circumstances and be guided by those thoughts that provoke a smile on your face. In other words, listen to your heart.

When we get stuck in a bad experience or disagreeable emotion, we need to make a big change. And the biggest change you can make is in your attitude. If you remodel the way you see things, these will actually rearrange for you. Instead of focusing on the bad or complaining about it, you have to always work on finding the bright side of your current situation.

Pierre Franckh talks about this in his book Das Gesetz der Resonanz (The Law of Resonance). He explains how it is scientifically proven that we attract those things which agree with our own energetic state. Basically, if you feel miserable, you will continue to attract situations in your life that will keep making you feel that way. But if on the other hand, you carry on with a positive and peaceful energy, that’s what life will bring.

Proper life coaching tip: Get rid of the bad things

Get rid of the things you don’t need and those that are bad for you. This way, you make space in your life so those good things can fit in it. Give yourself a different routine. Incorporate new things to your everyday life and always remind yourself why they are good to you.

If this proves to be difficult because you keep falling in the same situations, try splitting yourself in two. One side of you will give the orders, like a parent who knows what’s best for the kids. The other side will be the one who tries to fight back. But at the end, this one will follow the order because he knows that the other one only wants their well-being. Remember that the most important thing is to take care of yourself.

Don’t get stuck on the vision of the person who you don’t want to be. This way of thinking keeps a negative energy and will only create a vicious circle. Alternatively, always keep in mind that person who you do want to be. Sooner than you know, that person will be exactly who you are.

Buying off attributes is a wrong way to go

It would be silly to think that you cannot change your life. After all, look around you. We are surrounded by those who are constantly trying to change themselves into better, richer, prettier and more successful people and they think that, basically, this will be achieved by buying and showing off their attributes and goods. We should never forget our inner selves because despite having all those things on the outside, none of them will make you feel different on the inside.

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