Home Service Careers That Involve Scientific Knowledge

There’s a stereotype held by some that home service careers don’t require extensive education or scientific knowledge. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite. While there is plenty of scholastic learning that isn’t necessary for these careers, you might be surprised by how much some of them rely on scientific knowledge to get the job done.


Virtually every home relies on electricity of some sort, whether it comes from the power grid, the sun, wind, or water. As such, virtually every home will need some sort of electrical wiring done, which is where electricians come in. An electrician’s job is hazardous, so the more knowledge and scientific understanding they have to pull from, the better off they are. Physics is particularly important, specifically the physics of electrical currents. Electricians need to understand what materials conduct electricity, which ones don’t, how to avoid passing dangerous currents through themselves and others, and how to properly ground things. Scientific knowledge as an electrician is crucial to completing tasks both correctly and safely.

HVAC Technician

No one wants to live in a home without any AC or heating. Fortunately, HVAC techs have the knowledge and skills to keep HVAC systems operating as they should and to replace them when they no longer can. Science comes in handy here too. One concept HVAC technicians have to put in practice is saturation temperature. The technical term for the boiling point, saturation temperature is one of the things HVAC techs can use to identify problems with the system and start figuring out how to fix them.


Plumbing is another housing essential. Everyone needs water, and plumbing is what makes it easy to access. Plumbers need to have a basic understanding of both physics and chemistry to do their jobs well. Principles such as gravity, density, pressure (specifically water pressure), the chemical makeup of water, and how corrosion happens are all important things for plumbers to be familiar with. While they aren’t complex subjects, having a solid grasp of them can really make a difference in how smoothly a job goes.

These jobs all have critical roles to play in keeping our homes functioning properly and comfortably. Electricians, HVAC techs, and plumbers all need to have some degree of scientific understanding to do their jobs correctly. As it turns out, scientific knowledge may be one of the more immediately practical educational topics used by home service professionals.

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