Home Service Industries That You Can Enter Through Franchising

Starting a brand-new business is hard, especially in a saturated market. Many service industry jobs are incredibly competitive, and while you have the skills to warrant making your own business, you may not have the start-up money or the marketing know-how to get your company off the ground. In these cases, you should start with a franchise.

Pest Control

One of the first service industries you might think of when it comes to franchising is pest control. No matter where you live, there is a chance that your city or town has mice, rats, and especially bugs. For this reason, getting into the pest control financing business can be lucrative.

Most pest control services have similar practices and procedures to follow to keep residents safe. It can also be one of the cheaper businesses to get involved in as there isn’t too much heavy equipment. This makes start-up costs much cheaper. Learn which pest control franchises are in your area so you can say bye to the bugs!

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Yet another amazing career path to take, HVAC contractors can make a lot of money and have a huge market of people who will need their help. Ordinarily, HVAC startup costs can range from $2,000 to $100,000. But as a franchisee, you are able to cut this range down significantly.

Your overall costs on a month-to-month basis will be lower since you don’t have to worry about advertising costs as well. If you think that you have the contracting skills to make an HVAC career work, get involved with any of the major businesses around the country, and see where it takes you.

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Getting a landscaping job is a great way to have a career with only a little school under your belt. While the start-up costs can be overwhelming since you are working on the outside of people’s homes, the pay is tremendous by comparison. If you are unsure if you’ll be able to make it through school but want to make a good living, franchise with this type of company.

Additionally, landscaping jobs are easy to advertise within the neighborhoods you work in. It is extremely obvious when you’re doing a good job, because sometimes other people will ask you questions after you have finished working on their neighbor’s yard. It makes for a steady business.

Source: https://www.taskeasy.com/blog/recent-clippings/landscaping-biz-v1 

Home services offer a great business model to new start-ups, especially when you are working with an established brand. Think about starting up a franchise today! There are lots of great industries that are just waiting to be explored.

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