How Data Can Improve Your Workplace Efficiency

One of the best ways to increase your workplace’s efficiency is to use data to measure your company’s efficiency at all levels. Data not only allows you to have accurate information about your business performance, but it will also help you figure out where you can improve or where you have growth opportunities. Thinking about specific ways to use data to analyze your company will help you grow.

Use Technology to Analyze Workplace Data

Using technology can give you important insight into a variety of different workplace factors. You can not only consider data about your employees, but you can also collect data about the literal workplace itself.

Collecting information on your utilities and the variation in your electricity usage can help you figure out if there are ways you can conserve energy and save money. If your electricity is higher than it should be, consider switching to LED lightbulbs—they’ll last longer and save energy.

Six Sigma

Six sigma, simply put, is a method for measuring the value of your business to reach peak efficiency. The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient can help you better understand a linear correlation between different data sets. More specifically, the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient can help you analyze cause and effect between variables in a Six Sigma application.

Better Understand Team Cooperation

When it comes to assessing individual teams’ progress and efficiency, it can sometimes feel difficult—how do you measure creativity? Or cooperation? How do you even define “efficiency” if your respective teams work on such a spectrum of different projects? While it may seem like data won’t be able to help you answer these particular questions, it can help you assess team efficiency when you look at specific metrics.

For example, using data can help you measure the quantity and type of interactions between employees. Having this information can tell you whether your employees can effectively communicate or if there are lags in communication. If it seems like communication isn’t flowing fluidly, consider having activities to boost relationships between employees so they are more comfortable communicating on work projects.

If you fail to implement some of these practices, you may not initially feel like you’re losing something. But in the end, you could be missing out on key growth opportunities. Failing to take advantage of these opportunities at the right time could end up crippling you.

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