How Home Repair Businesses Can Increase Their Local Leads

When you are in the home repair business, the local scene is where you are getting most of your leads. If you have found that your lead production is stalling, it may be time to kick things up a notch and improve some of your lead generating tactics. Here are a few great ways to build up more leads around town.

Pursue an SEO Strategy

If you are running a local home repair business, you may have forgotten about the importance of your online presence. However, even when looking for local companies, potential customers will most likely do a google search to figure out which business to choose. Maximizing your local SEO to target local customers will help you to be at the top of search results and grab more of the local business. Make sure to also establish a local business listing so you can harness your marketing potential and make more of an impact in the local market.

Make Yourself Visible

The more visible your business is around town, the more customers you can bring in. Investing in outdoor marketing like billboards and vehicle wrapping can help you to improve your business’s visibility in your area. It can cost up to $2,000 to wrap a car, but this can get more expensive with a larger vehicle. That upfront cost will pay off in the long run as you can advertise your business every time you get into your car.

Maximize Word of Mouth

A lot of people decide who to hire to do house repairs through recommendations from friends and family members. If you can incentivize your customers to bring in new business, it can be a great way to increase leads locally. Starting a customer appreciation and referral program where you reward existing customers for bringing in new business can help you to build a solid reputation around town while also encouraging existing customers to return to your business next time, they need home repairs. This can be a win/win for you and your customers and go a long way towards expanding your business.

Learning how to grow your business locally will help you to continue your success and outpace the competition. Small decisions can go a long way towards your business’s growth, so don’t be afraid to start working towards building your customer base today.

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