How to Avoid Hosting a Boring Event

People nowadays are extremely busy. Between home life, relationships, work, hobbies, and other responsibilities, there isn’t a lot of time for many other activities. 

If you are hosting an event, you need to make sure it is worth the attendees’ time. 

Keep the Schedule Dynamic

In addition to people being very busy, many people also have very short attention spans. To keep their attention and get them to enjoy and understand the purpose of the event, you need to keep the schedule dynamic. The entire event shouldn’t just be hours of lectures because people will stop paying attention after about an hour. 

You want to have your participants actively engaging in the event. This might mean having them move rooms throughout the event, doing a variety of activities, and having breaks to talk to each other. You should also include something special at your event like prizes or eye-catching designs. These factors can help provide participants with more incentive to be there. 

Set the Right Mood

If you start off your event extremely nervous and with very low energy, people will not be excited to be there. In short, if you portray your event as stiff and unexciting, participants will quickly be bored. 

You need to set the right mood for your participants from the minute they step into the event space until they hear the last speech. Lighting at your event can have a big impact on the mood of your attendees. Harsh, one-dimensional lighting can make your event seem very uptight and dry. 

Encourage Group Participation

Event attendees are much less likely to be bored if they are actually participating in the event. By having group participation, you are inviting attendees to contribute to making the event the best it can be. A simple way that many people try to encourage group participation is by asking for questions at the end of a presentation. However, one of the drawbacks of this method is that sometimes people aren’t prepared to ask questions, creating awkward silence and pressure. To avoid this, you can tell participants ahead of time that there will be a Q&A portion. Additionally, you can answer questions or encourage other group participation throughout the presentation so it is more organic. 

When you host a successful event, more people will stay to the end and actually want to be there. Not only will people enjoy your event more, but they will also get more out of it. Participants who remember your event will be more likely to attend another one of your events in the future. 

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