How to Build a Stronger Trust With Your Customers

Trust between a business and its customers is a necessary element in building a successful customer-business relationship. In fact, trust can determine the success of your business. Here is how your business can establish a stronger trust with your customers.

Follow Through With Your Promises

If you promise a certain level of quality, make sure you follow through on your promises. If you fail to keep promises to your customers, there is no reason for them to trust you. Even one broken promise can drive your customers away.

Do what your business says it will do. Remain open for your designated hours of operation; if you absolutely have to close early on a rare occasion, notify prospective clients with a sign on your door. Live your company values; if you make a statement about your company’s mission, you had better live up to the promises and objectives you make public. Answer your phone, and make sure you have your product in stock; if your customers do not get the service or item they were promised, they will become frustrated and begin to distrust you. Keeping your promises can equate to keeping your customers.

Answer Their Questions

Answering customer questions is essential. Failure to do so can quickly result in customers’ trust dwindling—and they may abandon their purchase. In fact, 53% of adults may abandon their purchase if they don’t get answers to their questions. That’s more than half!

Whether it’s on social media, over email, through your website, over the phone, in person, it’s important to communicate with customers. Failure to address customers’ questions in a timely and satisfactory manner can quickly lead to failure to retain customers. If customers cannot trust your business to be dependable and provide good information, they will go elsewhere.

Be Transparent

The last thing you want is for your customers to feel misled and cheated or lied to. Being honest and transparent will make your business worthy of your customers’ trust and build your relationship with them. Right from the beginning, your business should be honest and open with your audience. Avoid misleading marketing, and don’t try to grab your customers’ attention with exaggerated claims. Focus instead on being clear about what you have to offer and establishing accurate expectations for your business. Be straightforward about your pricing, fees, policies, and return and cancellation procedures. Your customers should know what to expect before purchasing your product or signing a contract. Customers who feel your business lacks transparency are not likely to stick around.

Without trust, you will quickly lose your customers. Working to strengthen that trust, however, will boost your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. By keeping promises, answering questions, and being transparent, you can build the trust with your customers that will help your business succeed.

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