How to Build an Energy-Efficient Business

One of the most expensive and unpredictable bills for any business is the energy bill. While there are plenty of ways that energy can be used, the majority of the energy a business pays for is in the form of electricity. The good news is that with smart use of energy-saving equipment and practices, you can cut your energy costs significantly.

Build Smart

If you are building your structure from the ground up, you have the perfect opportunity to make it as energy-efficient as possible. During the construction phase, choose materials that help the building be more energy efficient. The roof is one of the major ways that you can save energy by adding solar panels that can generate clean energy, while roofing material can help regulate energy as well. According to Rock Solid Roofing & Siding, a reflective commercial coating on the roof can help keep a building cooler. From the insulation to the type of glass, every aspect of the building process has the potential to conserve energy and, in some cases, even generate it as well.

Equipment Selection

Now that your building is complete, it is time to fill it with equipment that will help maintain its overall energy-efficiency. According to Prism Energy Services, one of the best things you can do for your business is to implement an energy management system (EMS). This will help reduce energy bills significantly as it will automatically turn off any equipment that is not in use. This type of system can be programmed to operate at specific times as well as adjust temperature levels according to the number of occupants in the building. Rather than have the air conditioner cut off completely when the temperature drops, the EMS can alternate between cool and warm as needed.

Think Outside In

While you may have thought of every type of energy-efficient building material there is, what you may not know is that you can use the outdoors to help lower your energy costs as well. When planning the placement of your building and its windows, consider where the sun rises and sets. You can benefit from the light of the sun with lowered heating and lighting costs, but you don’t want higher cooling bills in the summer because of strong direct sunlight. Trees are another natural element that can aid your efforts because they can help provide shade, which can lower costs as well.

Whether you are building your structure or revamping a current office, there are lots of ways that you can cut your energy costs. If you are not ready to add an entirely new EMS system just yet, then start by unplugging equipment when it’s not in use. Each small step toward saving energy can add up to make a big difference in your bill.

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