How to Build Better Relationships with Your Employees

As a supervisor or business owner, you need to prioritize having good relationships with your employees. If you don’t have a good relationship with your employee, they won’t feel happy or comfortable at your business, and may not stay long on your team. Here are a few approaches that will help you to build better relationships with your employees.

Learn to Trust Them

First of all, you must learn to trust them. You need to train them sufficiently and then trust that they can step up to the plate and perform successfully. Trusting your employees means that you need to take a step back and let them take responsibility for managing certain tasks without you micromanaging every move. If your employees don’t feel that you trust them, they’ll have a hard time performing freely in their responsibilities without feeling like you’re constantly watching over their shoulders. If you trust your employees, they’ll perform better, but they’ll also have a better relationship with you.

Be a Mentor

Second, do your best to be a great mentor to your employees. Take the time to train them personally on their different tasks. Check-in with them regularly to make sure that they’re feeling confident and happy and to clear up any questions that they might have. Coaching helps your employees feel they are valued at your company. This will help them to rely on you and feel like they can go to you if they ever have any problems or questions.

Foster Healthy Communication

Finally, make sure that you are fostering healthy communication in your workplace to have a better relationship with your employees. Everyone communicates differently due to their different personalities, so you need to be conscious and aware of the way that you talk to your employees. Always strive to be positive and constructive in the feedback that you give them. Be anxious to point out their successes and tell them how they are doing well in their position. Be gentle and empathetic when your employees come to you with concerns. Don’t be dismissive, blunt, or critical. This will help them to feel safe with you and realize that they can discuss anything with you.

So, if you’re trying to improve your relationships with your employees, remember these tips. Make sure that you learn to trust them, be a mentor, and foster healthy communication. This will help you to have a happy work environment where your employees are open with you and enjoy working together.
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