How to Develop a Good Reputation as a Manager

You want your employees to feel valued and to feel comfortable with you as their manager. But what can you do to build that trust? Thinking about specific ways you can help your employees will help you get a head start on building those relationships.

Help Employees Reach Their Goals

One of the most important things you can do to help employees trust you as a good manager is to help them reach their goals. Work with employees individually to identify what they are each trying to accomplish in their job position. Maybe the new intern is trying to simply figure out how to fulfill the assignments that they have been given. Maybe a more senior employee is hoping to do what it takes to merit a promotion.

Being aware of these different goals will help you help employees recognize the things they need to do to achieve those goals. You could help connect the intern to other employees who could direct him or her in the right direction. You could help the senior employee better understand how to get a promotion.

Protect Your Employees

Another important thing to focus on so that you will develop a good reputation as a manager is to prioritize the safety of your employees. When employees can recognize that their safety from all standpoints—mental, physical, and even emotional—is respected and valued, they will feel much more comfortable trusting you and they will be able to better perform their work.

In the age of COVID, it’s especially important to be cognizant of potential on-the-job risks. But PPE should still be a last resort for workplace dangers.

Make Others Look Good

Doing your best to make other fellow employees look good may seem like a silly thing to focus on. But while making this specific effort doesn’t necessarily require a ton of work, it can actually make a big difference.

When employees see you praising good work not only to them but to their peer employees and even to their boss, they feel like their contributions are valid and like you really do want the best for them because you clearly want them to succeed.

Being a good employee is hard. Being a good manager can feel harder. Thinking about the needs of your individual employees and working hard to show empathy and respect for your employees will help them feel like they can trust you.

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