How to Enter a Trade to Begin a New Career

There is a point in many people’s careers when they start to wonder if they should change paths. If this sounds familiar to you, you should look into starting a new trade. To start a new career with a marketable trade, there are several steps you should follow.

Talk to Career Experts

Before you make any major life adjustments, you should always get the advice of others.  Although not everyone can get you an expert opinion, you can still use their advice to think through your decision. However, if you are looking for professional advice, you should talk to a career counselor. By visiting with a career counselor, you have access to all their expertise about career swapping. Your career counselor will also be able to advise you on what qualifications you need to meet for your new career or even what trades you are more suitable for. From there, your career counselor will help you make goals and keep you accountable as you work to achieve them.

Go to Technical School

Once you decide on your new career trade, you will need to attend a technical school. Most trades require certification to legally do business. For example, being an HVAC technician requires taking multiple measurements in the course of your job. Even if your trade does not require certification, you can gain valuable knowledge and experience from attending technical school. Depending on where you go, your technical school might give you a couple tools to start off your career. You can also build valuable connections through your technical school that can lead to job opportunities later down the road. Everything you learn during your schooling can be used to help further your trade.

Start Apprenticeships

As with most careers, the best way to learn a trade is by hands-on experience. Typically, the best way to get experience and learn the tricks of the trade is by taking an apprenticeship. During your apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to shadow a professional of your trade. You get to see how they solve real life problems as they come up. After your apprenticeship, they might give you the option to join their business full time, allowing you to have job security.

Changing career paths by finding a new trade is a great way to diversify your skills. By finding your niche and learning the trade, you can find success and fulfillment in your new path that you lacked from your old career.

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