How to Equip Your Business for Interstate Commerce

Whether your business functions mainly through social media and website transactions or has a lot of in-house customers, the day may come when you need to figure out how to do interstate commerce. As a business owner, this can be a challenging transition, but will also bring many rewards in sales and connections. Here are a few suggestions of things to consider when preparing your business to do interstate commerce.

Follow State and Federal Regulations

First off, as you prepare to start interstate transactions and send your products across state borders, make sure that you are following all state and federal regulations. While individual states don’t have the ability to regulate interstate commerce or affect the economy, they do have rules that you must follow when sending products there. Congress, under the rules of the Commerce Clause, has the power to regulate interstate commerce, trading, and business. In order to have law-abiding transactions, make sure that you follow the state and federal regulations and guidelines regarding your business and commerce.

Handle Logistical Issues

Once you’ve ensured that your transactions will be carried out in a legal manner, it is time to handle some of the logistical issues of interstate commerce. Perhaps your products are quite delicate and it is very expensive to ship them safely. Maybe you don’t currently have the technology to schedule shipping and create interstate shipping labels. Finding the right delivery company for your business can also be tricky as some companies might not specialize in the kind of trucking you need. In all of these situations, make sure you think through every step of the interstate shipping process before starting, and figure out answers for any rising issues once you’ve begun with promptness.


Many local-owned small businesses haven’t ever worried about interstate commerce simply because they don’t know how to gain an audience or following outside of their local bubble. However, the rise of online marketing and social media sales has pretty much solved this problem. Using social media can help businesses to attract potential customers from all around the world, boosting website traffic and increasing sales. As you’re preparing to start offering interstate sales, make sure that you do the necessary work in your advertising department so that the decision will be worth it.

Even though equipping your team and business for interstate commerce can seem daunting, it is ultimately very rewarding. You never know if your business or products happen to fit within a specific niche that is more popular outside your state. If you feel that your business could improve in sales by offering interstate commerce, don’t hesitate in taking that leap of faith.

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