How to Feel More Confident You’re Hiring the Right Person

When you’re an employer, there is a lot of pressure associated with the hiring process. Hiring the wrong person could affect your employees and companies in many negative ways, and could even drive away customers. Here are a few ways to feel more confident that you’re hiring the right person.

Ask the Right Questions

First, make sure you’re asking the right questions as you’re accepting applications and conducting interviews. Even though you might be working through a lot of interviews, make sure that you’re not just going through the motions. You need to be mentally alert so you can ask the right questions that will reveal important information about your job candidates. 

For example, don’t just ask about their work experience and education. Ask them about their personality, their work ethic, their strengths and weaknesses, and more. This can shed more light on the type of employee they would be. Spend time researching questions so you are well-prepared for your job interviews. 

Complete Due Diligence

Next, make sure you’re completing due diligence when it comes to screening applicants and learning more about them. Often, interviews and resumes are so scripted and rehearsed, any applicant can look ideal for your job. Learning more about them can help to show the differences and advantages between applicants. 

For example, you should spend some time looking at their social media, both professional and personal accounts. An individual’s social media can tell you a lot about their personality. You can also have a background check completed. Background checks on applicants can give you peace of mind before hiring them. You can even have your applicants fill out aptitude or personality tests to give you additional information. 

Talk to Their References

Finally, talking to the references provided by an applicant can help you to feel more confident in hiring them. An applicant’s references will reveal a lot more about their personality, work ethic, and more. Talking to their professional references, such as past employers, will also help you to know what they are like in a work environment and how they work with others. This can help you to determine if they would be a good fit with the other employees that you already have working for you. Don’t ever skip the step of talking to your candidate’s references, and make sure you require references on your job postings.

So, if you’re looking for a new employee and want to feel more confident in your hiring process, remember these tips. Make sure that you ask the right questions, complete due diligence, and talk to their references. These approaches, among others, can help you to learn more about an employee and find the best candidate for your job opening.

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