How to Find Marketing Opportunities in Unique Places

With so many different businesses and tough competition, it is hard to broadcast your message and market your product. As a small business owner, it may be difficult to know where and how you can find marketing opportunities. You can create unique marketing opportunities for your business through your customer recommendations, transit advertising, and social media interactions.

Turn to Your Customers

Your customers are your greatest asset in promoting and marketing your business. If your customers like the service you provide, they are much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family members. Offer incentives to your customers like discounts and giveaways for bringing in new clients. Loyalty programs will build their relationship with you and encourage them to invite others to try your services. Always treat each new customer as the equivalent of 10 new customers, because that is the potential they have to bring to your business.

Transit Advertising

Another unique marketing opportunity is through transit advertising. Advertisements on buses, trains, and public transportation hubs can be very effective. You can also investigate bumper stickers, flyers on windshields, and vehicle wrapping. You can wrap all kinds of vehicles in your preferred advertisement or company logo. Vehicle wrapping can be done on your personal car, a company car, or through marketing agencies that pay people to drive with logos on their cars. Advertising via transit is a fun way to market your business without needing to think about it super often.

Social Media Interactions

Social media is becoming more and more popular for small businesses to advertise their business. Social media engagement and interactions are virtually free. Develop a social media page for your business and post on it frequently. Interacting with followers and posting engaging content will boost your SEO. Consider doing live stories for your followers to see behind the scenes of your business and feel like they have connection and loyalty to you. Incentives like giveaways can also give you more followers and market your brand further.

You can find ways to market your business wherever you go. Find what you are passionate about and what your audience will best respond to. Never underestimate the value your customers provide, transit advertising opportunities, and social media interactions in marketing your business. These will help you better target your customer base and market your business in unique but effective ways.

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