How to Gather More Actionable Feedback for Your Business

Trying to pilot your business to success without a guide can be difficult. Without feedback from customers, you have no idea why your patrons visit your business and cannot work on providing a better service. Fortunately, there are ways you can talk with your customers to receive their important opinions.

Use Data Analytics

Online analytics are essential in keeping up with your consumers and understanding how they find your website. When customers come to your website, they need to type in keywords that can bring them to your homepage. Finding out these keywords can help you tailor your website to the consumer needs.

Your website will have its own analytics that tell you how long someone is on a specific page, what they were looking at, and how close they were to buying your product. Educating yourself on data analytics will help your business respond to indirect customer feedback.

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Find New Ways to Talk to Customers

You also need to communicate with your customers frequently to find out what leads to a positive response from them. Though your business likely has a phone number and email address, you might want to branch into other methods of communication to help your business seem modern and innovative.

For example, most of your customers prefer live chat to a phone call. Because the digital age has created people who seek immediate answers, live chat and text communication is more popular. Getting involved on social media platforms can be great ways of engaging with your audience. You can receive feedback and promote events online.

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Incentivize Reviews

If you are not sure how to receive helpful feedback, the best thing you can do is incentivize reviews. You can offer a modest prize—not cash—for an honest review when trying to get your business out to the public. If you sell food, you could offer a bonus drink or a coupon for filling out a feedback form.

Look at your company and find ways that you can incentivize honest feedback. Not only will these steps help you steer your company into the right direction, but it will also help new customers find and experience your business.

Source: https://blog.loopyloyalty.com/11-tips-to-encourage-customers-to-leave-reviews-for-your-business-online-5969ea895637

Customer feedback is a valuable asset you’ll want to take advantage of in your business. Finding ways to receive feedback and working to improve will help to retain customer loyalty and trust. Though you don’t have to change your processes or company policies based on every review, you should still listen to each one to decide if what you are doing is right.

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