How to Get Customers to Stay on Your Website Longer

You have a business website and you’re seeing consumer traffic on it. That’s great! Now you just need to get them to stay on your site longer. The more time they spend on your site the more likely you are to see a sale result from it. But how do you go about getting them to stay? What’s to keep them from just closing the tab or window?

Keep It Simple

Often it seems the best answer is the simplest one. Aside from loading time, the first impression people get of your business is likely to be your website’s frontpage. It’s important that this page comes across as clean, professional, and easy to look at, perhaps more so than any other page on the entire site. Avoid having too much text or burying information. As a general rule, avoid commonly disliked fonts, keep spacing and organization clean, make navigation easy and intuitive.

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More Engaging Content

The quality of the content on your site is also important. You need to engage your customers. This could mean interesting blog posts with questions consumers can respond to in comments, quizzes or surveys, or videos. Over half of customers prefer video over other types of content marketing. They’re a good way to connect with consumers and build trust as well as developing your brand. It’s easy to make them interesting and engaging and encourage people to spend more time on your site. Make sure the content you have on your site is of good quality in addition to being entertaining. It should be relevant to your products and be informative. People often visit sites looking for information, so be sure you give it to them in an interesting manner.

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Address Site Abandonment

Even after a customer decides to leave your website, you still have a second to change their mind. After all, they still have to close the tab or window they’re on or navigate away from your page somehow. That gives you a split second to change their mind. Here’s where pop-ups can be lifesavers. Program a pop-up window into your site that will appear as users move to navigate away. This could mean extending a special discount, advertising a feature or best-selling product they might have missed, or you could offer them a subscription. It should be something you think will have enough appeal to change their mind. Even the second or two it takes to scan your offer could be enough to convert their visit to your page into a sale.

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Getting people to your website is great, but it isn’t enough. You need to keep them there long enough that they decide they want what you have to offer. Keep your layout simple and attractive. Engage them with quality content and interesting information. And if they decide to go somewhere else, pleasantly surprise them with a killer offer. If you put every effort into making their experience positive and engaging, you may find that you end up with more sales conversions than ever before.

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