How to Help High School Students Get Their First Job

Has your teen been wishing they had some extra cash to spend on fun activities, dates, dances, and more? If so, it might be time for them to get their first high school job. Luckily, you can help their job application process a lot easier and less stressful. Here are a few tips on how to help your high schooler get their first job. 

Do Practice Interviews

One way to help your high schooler in the process of finding their first job is to do practice interviews with them. If your teen has never had a job interview before, it can be quite nerve-wracking, and they might not respond to questions in the most ideal way. Practicing beforehand can help your teens know what to anticipate in a job interview and allow them to think about their responses. 

Help them to see how the skills that they’ve gained in school and extracurricular activities can translate into their job responsibilities. That can be a great topic to highlight during their job interview. Search common interview questions to help them know how to answer different inquiries. Practice interviews will help your teen to feel more confident. 

Help Them Create a Resume

Next, help your student to create a resume for their job applications. Students should know how to write a resume and what details to include. You can use a resume builder online or search for tips to make their resume look professional. 

Even if they don’t have prior job experience, they still have a lot of skills and experiences through their education and upbringing that can reflect their work ethic and talents. Help them to see how they can put their best foot forward through their resume. 

Help Them Think of References

Many job applications will require your teen to include references of prior work experience. Many job interviewers will then contact these references to learn more about your teen’s work ethic, experience, and personality. So, help your teen think of references that they could include on their job application that would reflect their talents in a positive light. 

Their references might include a current or past sports coach, music teacher, or school counselor, for example. If your teen has worked closely with one of their high school teachers, they could also be a good reference. Make sure that you contact their possible references beforehand to ask their permission since you’ll be including their contact information on the applications. 

So, if your high schooler has finally decided that it is time to get a job, encourage them in their desire and help them out in the process. Help them by doing practice interviews, aiding them in creating a resume, and thinking of references that they could include. This will help your teen to have an eye-catching job application that will lead them to success in their first job.

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