How to Identify People Who Fit Your Company’s Goals

Have you ever spent lots of time on the hiring process only to hire an employee that would quit a few months later? Hiring employees that aren’t a good fit for your company can be frustrating and costly, both in time and money. Here are a few tips that will help you to identify people who fit your company’s goals.

Ask Better Interview Questions

First, make sure that you’re asking better interview questions as you’re interviewing your different potential candidates. Sure, you might have your list of generic interview questions that you always work through, but add some questions that will dive deeper into their character or experiences. 

This will help you to learn more about the candidates that you’re interviewing, beyond just a surface level. Interviews can be difficult since your candidates can portray themselves in a way that makes them look like a good fit for your job. But asking better, deeper questions can help you to get down to the nitty-gritty details that will find the best fit for your available position.

Build Your Network

Next, try to build your network to organically connect with and find the best candidates for your open position. Making connections within your industry can help you to find candidates who are hard-working and established in your work industry. This can help you to find experienced, well-rounded individuals who have learned to problem solve and be flexible with work challenges. 

You can build your network in many different ways to gain exposure to these types of individuals. For example, LinkedIn groups can connect you with people in your industry. Utilizing this feature might just help you to find your next best employee.

Look for Key Characteristics

Finally, look for key characteristics that will help you to know that a candidate would be a good fit at your company. It isn’t enough just to look at their experience and judge how they look “on paper.” Instead, you need to dive deeper to find characteristics that your company values. 

For example, if a candidate is a recent graduate and doesn’t have a lot of experience, but they embody the leadership and creativity qualities that you’re looking for, they might be a much better hire than someone who has a lot of “on paper” experience. Looking for key characteristics can help you to look past their experience, which can sometimes be misleading. An individual’s character and behavior often determine how they’ll work at your company much more than their experience. 

So, if you’re trying to hire new employees for your business and want to identify people who fit your company’s goals, remember these tips. Make sure that you ask better interview questions, build your network, and look for key characteristics. This will help you to find candidates who are truly the cream of the crop and the right fit for your company.

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