How to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

Running a small business is never an easy task, regardless of your experience or skill level. And keeping your business successful is even harder. If you run and operate a brick-and-mortar establishment as part of your business, then success isn’t just about the digital space, but getting customers to walk in the door. In the world today it has never been more challenging for businesses to get foot traffic as people are geared towards online shopping instead. Here are three tools at your disposal to increase foot traffic to your business for continued success.

Use Local Marketing

The first tool that you can use to increase foot traffic to your business is to use local marketing. When you are operating an online store, your marketing campaigns and advertisements can be broad, since you will be shipping anywhere. But when you run a brick and mortar store your marketing needs to remain local. Target very local advertising campaigns for your brick-and-mortar store on social media to get people to go inside. Link up with local organizations on social media to promote to the community near you specifically for your brick-and-mortar store.

Make a Better Sign

Another important way that you can increase your foot traffic to your business is to make a better sign for your business. Your sign is a major part of the curb appeal for your business – an attractive and eye grabbing sign will make your business stand out and bring people in off the street. Signs should support your branding and the perception you want to create. Think of your sign as a hook for your business to catch people off the street walking by. Your sign should represent your business and what they will find on the inside.

Host In-Store Events

The final way that you can increase foot traffic to your business is to host in-store events for your brick-and-mortar location. Depending on the industry you are in you can host all sorts of in-store events that promote and further your company culture and brand. Things like live music or entertainment, hosting classes or workshops at your business, hosting special deal days and store sale events or even guest speakers and appearances can attract customers.

Owning a physical storefront has never been harder in today’s world. Getting foot traffic, you deserve effort. If you use these three tools, however, you can increase foot traffic nearly instantly.

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