How to Increase Your Number of Satisfied Customers

If you are hoping to grow your business, the number one way is to increase your number of satisfied customers. But for that to happen, you will need to improve your customer relations. Here are three ways to keep your customers coming back!

Listen to Their Feedback

It is one thing to ask for customer feedback; it is another thing to really listen. Only then can you benefit from the honest opinions of the people whose business you rely on. There are several good ways to collect feedback from your customers. One easy way is to send follow-up emails after each transaction. To increase responses, let your customers know how highly you value their feedback and that you are committed to using it to improve your services. It also helps to make it simple and quick for your customers to provide you with very specific feedback. Try an automated email with one quick question that directly relates to their specific contact or transaction.

Work Out Shipping Issues

Shipping can be a challenging aspect of e-commerce. Often, it is delegated to a third party, which makes it difficult to deliver on your promises. However, it is vital that you get shipping right. If your shipping carrier offers data on past deliveries, use it to inform future shipments. Also, be sure that you fully understand your carrier contract, including set rates based on size, weight, and location. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to purchase sufficient insurance on each item shipped. Trucking companies carry insurance, but you can add additional insurance if you want. Furthermore, you can improve the experience of online shopping for your customers by carefully incorporating your customer service ideals into your packaging design. Opening a package from your company should make your customers feel special. Finally, take accountability for any shipping delays. Listen to unhappy customers, apologize, and do whatever you can to solve the problem.

Get Personal

Today’s consumers want to feel as though they belong to something meaningful. You can create loyal customers by standing for something and maintaining that stance long-term. One way to do this is to adopt a cause and incorporate it into your branding. You can even donate a portion of your proceeds to your cause. Also, get personal on social media. Show your client base who you really are and what matters to you. Utilize every opportunity to truly connect with your customers, and to connect your customers with each other.

People aren’t complicated. All they really want from your business is quality products, delivery on your promises, and a meaningful reason to connect with your branding. Provide them with those things and your customer satisfaction should steadily climb.

No one can run a business without customers. If you’re worried about attracting buyers, Framework 4 Freedom can guide you to target the right market.

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