How to Keep Your Workers Safe When Doing Road Work

Road maintenance is a very necessary, very important job to anyone trying to get anywhere. As an employer, you are largely responsible for the safety of those workers that provide safe and functioning roads for the rest of society! It is essential, then, to assure the protection of those workers through protocol and preventative safety measures like proper equipment (and its proper use), traffic control, and regulatory rules for those workers on the job.

Use Proper Equipment

If a tool is incapable of completing a given task, the likelihood that an accident or damage will occur to the road, the tool, and therefore the user of that tool, increases dramatically. Having the right kind of resources for any job provides an effective means for job completion and often implies that the tool will have built in safety measures to help protect the worker using it. Furthermore, proper use of the proper equipment is mandatory for the tool to function as it is intended to.

Traffic Control

Control the cars passing through your construction sites using as many forms of traffic guidance as necessary to assure that your workers are kept at a safe distance from driving vehicles. Type III barricades are the safest option for traffic control, but any kind of bright, reflective post spaced frequently down the entirety of your work zone is a good measure. During high traffic times of day, it may be necessary to employ help from local police forces or guards that point cars towards appropriate lanes, or remind them to slow down. Make drivers pay attention, so that they and your employees are kept from harm’s way.

Rules and Regulations

Keeping your employees smart will also help keep them safe. Maintain a high standard of precautions for all tasks. Implement regulations on things that may be distracting to workers—phones, conversation, music—as “awareness” of their surroundings is the first step to staying in a safe zone. Make sure every worker wears the proper protective gear, and allow workers breaks as frequently as possible, as this will keep their minds alert and their bodies able to endure the stresses of high or low temperatures, loud noise, high energy exertion, and focus on their work at hand.

Society relies on these essential workers to allow them to go wherever they may want or need. Keep those workers safe with the right tools, the right help, and the right guidelines, and they (and everyone else) will thank you!

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