How to Make Sure Visitors Stay Protected in Your Workplace

Bringing visitors into your workplace is an excellent marketing opportunity because you show the behind-the-scenes elements of running your business. To keep the integrity of your business and the safety of all present, it is important you provide visitors with protective equipment, use signs, and keep a visitation record.

Provide Them Protective Equipment

When hosting visitors, you should always have the same protective equipment available that your employees are required to wear. A hardhat, protective eyewear, sanitary gloves, and other apparel will go a long way in protecting the machinery, products, and the individual. Providing your visitors, the proper protective equipment not only keeps them safe but communicates a welcome message and tells them you are excited to show them around.

Use Signs

Using the proper warning and instructional signs in your workplace is crucial to the health and safety of your employees and any visiting persons. Proper signage will go a long way in communicating what kind of warnings and instructions each area has. For example, yellow signs indicate caution. Red signs indicate a hazardous area under OSHA standards. Requiring each visitor to memorize a safety pamphlet and know the proper procedures in your workplace is excessive. By providing clear signage, you help your visitors know when not to touch something or where a safe place to stand is to keep them and your assets protected.

Keep a Visitation Record

It is important to always keep a visitation record in your office. A sign-in procedure will help you keep track of guests and know who is in your office, always. If an emergency like a fire or earthquake takes place, you can keep track of all individuals. This will also protect you from liabilities that may include theft, damaged equipment, or injury claims. For security and visitor safety reasons, it is also helpful to assign employees to escort visitors and make sure they comply with all safety standards.

Personal employee visitors or potential investment groups are a great way to show the outside world your company culture and values. Protect your visitors by providing the proper protective equipment, using signs, and keeping a visitation record. This will help protect your business assets and create a safe environment for everyone.

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