How to Make Your Properties More Appealing to Younger Buyers

It’s taken a while, but millennials are finally entering the real estate market in force, and Gen Z isn’t far behind. With more younger buyers ready to purchase homes, sellers should do what they can to make their properties as appealing to the younger demographic as they can. Do you know how to do that?

Create a Minimalist Design

It’s no secret that young people today are incredibly busy. With all the side gigs, jobs, and educational pursuits, they may not have a lot of time or energy for frilly homes. 

Simplicity and minimalist interior design may come across as more relaxing and less stressful to them, rather than stark or barren. In this case, less may truly be more as the minimalist design may appeal to their desire for less business in their lives.

Make Them Energy Efficient

Younger buyers value energy-efficient properties for a couple of reasons. First, they are more environmentally friendly, and younger buyers tend to be more conscious of their environmental impact. Second, energy-efficient properties tend to be easier on the wallet. 

With inflation and all the other expenses younger buyers are facing, netting some savings is bound to be attractive. Take steps to make your properties more energy efficient by choosing energy-efficient appliances and minimizing energy loss. Air lost through your windows can account for 25 to 30 percent of your home’s energy use. While you can’t prevent all of it, reducing that loss could make a measurable difference.

Add Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is especially appealing to younger buyers. They want the convenience and peace of mind that comes from controlling their house from their phones and having access to equipment like doorbell cameras, smart appliances, and even smart lightbulbs. That sort of access means that they can make it look like they’re home while they’re away, boosting their home’s security. You can also switch out the old thermostat for a smart thermostat, boosting convenience and energy savings at the same time.

If your goal is to make your property more appealing to younger buyers, start by learning what they want from a house. Younger buyers often value simplicity–many are simply happy to break into the real estate market and find a property that is affordable and in good condition. That said, they also value environmental friendliness and convenience. Keep those attributes in mind and try to blend them into your properties to make them more appealing to younger buyers.

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