How to Make Your Rental Property Portfolio More Passive

Most people think about real estate investing as a passive way to make money, but if you are handling everything yourself, it can be a very active process. If you are looking to ensure that your portfolio works for you without as much effort on your part, there are things you can do to take some of that work off your plate. Here are a few great ideas to help you transform your rental property portfolio into something more manageable and passive.

Hire Professionals for Repairs

Some of the most difficult and taxing work you will do to maintain your rental profile is tackling repairs yourself. If you have multiple properties under your belt, you are going to be very busy. And if there are repairs you’re only just learning how to do, it can be even more difficult. When you hire a professional instead, you will know that the job will get done right the first time and you can make your job a little bit easier on yourself. 

Have Someone Else Manage Your Properties

Not only can managing properties be a full time job, but it can really be multiple full time jobs because your renters could need help at any time. Working with a management company can give you room to have time for yourself, work your day job, or take care of anything else you need or want to get done. Property management can handle maintenance 24/7 when you don’t have the time. Whether you use property management for the off hours or only when you need help, it can make your job as a real estate investor a lot more passive.

Get Partners Involved

If you like the idea of tackling the work yourself, but not all of the time, you can get real estate investing partners to work with you. Make sure you choose a team of people you trust and that you have great communication with. That way you can work together to find a schedule that works for everyone and gives you each room to relax and enjoy your lives while still making a profit.

If you are looking to make your real estate portfolio more passive, the power to make that happen is in your hands. Think about the aspects you enjoy about the work and try to outsource everything else. Shop around to find great partners, professionals, and management companies to work with.

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