How to pick yourself up from business failure and work towards success

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When we find ourselves going through a rough patch of business failure, the immediate thing we tend to do is to look at the future, hoping that things will somehow get better. But the truth is that nobody actually knows what tomorrow will bring. Ever! (I mean, you can try guessing sometimes but honestly anything can happen even when you’re crossing the street).

One of the ideal ways to get through bad times is working on not letting a certain situation bring you down.

The best you can do is figure out a way to work on the circumstances to make them better. Nevertheless, you cannot bring yourself to think about important life matters if you still feel miserable. Before anything, try working on yourself. Meditate; take a deep breath or a good night’s sleep. A good physical state may collaborate to improve both your emotional and mental state.

First things first: try defining exactly what it is you understand by “failing”. Ask yourself: Have I really lost everything? What do I have left? Make a list of these things. They can be any kind of stuff, people or situations such as matters of your own good health, financial resources, human resources, personal relationships, etc. This will help you visualize what you have. Afterwards you can ask another crucial question: how can I work with what I still have? And so this becomes the first step which is always the most important.

Detaching … Helps

After doing these questions and lists, you can start observing your current situation objectively and with a cold mind. Describe your own circumstances. You can write them on a piece of paper or talk about them to yourself or to someone else. Try detaching yourself from the situation. Take an outside-perspective. Thus, you may be able to find some prospects and solutions for your problems.

In life, it often is the case that we don’t get just One Big Chance. When you’re in front of one of those, you may think “This is it. This is my One Big Chance.” And the truth is that it may be an amazing opportunity, yes, but it quite possibly won’t be the last. The world is not at all that small.

There will always be more of what you can do. The trick is in knowing how to detect those other possibilities. So make it a challenge to go out there and find them.

It is a truth universally acknowledged: becoming successful is not an easy road. There will always be bumps along the way but what makes it count is how you deal with them. Maybe, in some occasions, it comes down to your own perspective on the situation you’re in. Whether you see it as a mistake you can work to solve or a catastrophic error, you can always do something about it. Even only adjusting your own point of view can provide a comfort.

How to overcome business failure?

Keeping in mind the truly important things in your life will help you to let go of all the other ones which you don’t need. And to take what really matters to you and transform it into a motivation to keep going is an excellent way to overcome business failure. I know a man who, many years ago, needed to provide for his family but he had serious financial problems. But he never quit working really hard because he loved his family so much that every drop of sweat was worth it. Now they all appreciate what he did for them and they have a good way of life. 

Although there is no mysterious secret for overcoming trouble, there are a couple of tricks for it. Stay alert for possible opportunities. Don’t take anything for granted. Doing this could help you see things as they are. Remember, a problem is just a situation which can’t help to be exactly as it is. It’s your judgement on that situation what makes it a problematic one.

Learning to find the bright side on undesirable circumstances is what will get you successfully through them and eventually help you to avoid similar ones in the future.

Success is your own task

The most important thing is not to take life too seriously. Nobody is perfect. Look at the most successful people you know. Even they had struggles, didn’t they? That’s because they learnt from those struggles, got over them and carried on. Don’t let your past fiascos mold your present. Your success is your own task and nobody should take that away from you. Not even your own failures. No, let me rephrase that. Especially not your own failures!

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. In fact, it may be extremely difficult. Most of the things that we really need to work on are not a piece of cake. This is how we evolve, learn and become the people that we are actually supposed to be.

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