How to Prevent Injuries When Employees Work Outside

Working outside is a nice way to take in fresh air and sunlight throughout the day. Those who work outside do face some risk of injury from weather, traffic, plants, and other wildlife. There are several ways to protect employees from injuries when working outdoors.

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Treacherous weather can not only make work outside more challenging but also spell danger for employees. Employees working on slick or icy roads should be wearing the proper outerwear, as well as the right footwear to prevent slipping and falling. Sunny and hot conditions can also be dangerous for people working outside. Employees should protect themselves with UV protective clothing, hats, and sunscreen. Drinking plenty of water while outside can help prevent heatstroke. Working outside during lightning can be extremely dangerous. Workers should be directed to take cover inside during thunderstorms to stay safe.

Provide Safety Equipment

Workers should always be provided with proper safety equipment to protect them when working outside. Providing road barricades is an important way to keep road crews safe. Type III barricades are the safety type of traffic barricades. If your workers are going to use equipment that creates a lot of noise, provide proper ear protection for everyone involved. They should also be wearing goggles to prevent debris from injuring their eyes. Workers should also be given helmets to protect from head injuries and reflective vests so they can remain visible. Providing the right safety equipment helps reduce the risk of injury.

Be Aware of Biological Hazards

Working outside can also present biological hazards that employees should be aware of. Poisonous plants, venomous insects, and snakes can all cause harm to people. If a worker comes in contact with a poisonous plant, they could have a skin reaction in the form of a rash. Venomous insects can bite or sting workers causing harm that requires treatment. Workers should be aware of the conditions they are going to be working in so they can be prepared if any of these hazards are present.

Keeping employees who work outside safe from injury should be a top priority. You can keep outdoor workers safe by educating them about safety precautions and making sure they are aware of the risks they face. Taking these steps will ensure that workers have all the information they need to prevent injuries on the job.

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