How to Prevent Your Business From Getting Sued

As a business, the prospect of getting sued can be a little frightening. This is especially true if your business is just starting out. Doing all you can to be aware of your company blindspots can help you prevent injury or legal problems from occurring in the first place.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic expectations should be an important part of your company culture but becomes especially important when trying to avoid lawsuits. Making sure that you are presenting yourself in an honest way is important at all stages of your company’s interfaces with others—even your marketing.

Analyze wording on your website to make sure that none of your slogans or claims are misleading. Doing so could put you in a difficult position if you aren’t able to meet customer expectations.

Fix Damage and Safety Hazards

Another more practical step to take when working to prevent lawsuits is simply eliminating physical risk of injury at your place of business. Do all you can to have your building and premises inspected and well maintained.

Address electrical issues, add lights where there are dark areas, make sure to salt the steps during the wintertime. You should be particularly vigilant with cracks in the pavement. Cracks in pavement can be prevented by sealcoating the area.

Making the effort to resolve cracks early on will not only help prevent slips and falls that could result in lawsuits, but it will also save you money. When pavement cracks are left untreated, they often begin to expand, resulting in bigger potholes that could become more problematic down the road.

Use Written Contracts

Another important preventative measure to take is using written contracts at various points in your interactions with customers, employees, contractors, and others. Using written contracts allows both parties to formally come to an agreement and assert that they understand the services being provided or being received.

Make sure that you work with a qualified lawyer to draft these different contracts so that they are airtight and actually promise what your company is prepared to do.

As you work to create a safe legal environment for your business and for your customers, focus on transparency. The more transparent you are with your customers and employees, the better trust you’ll build. As you build those relationships, you’ll be more likely to resolve any issues that come up out of court.

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