How to Provide the Best Customer Service While Your Storefront is Currently Closed

Many business owners have been pondering about the best way to provide excellent customer service in times of storefront shutdowns. The recent global pandemic has brought this question to the forefront of many business owners’ minds, but it is a question that is relevant even in times of normalcy. If you are interested in learning how to provide excellent customer service even as your storefront is closed, scroll down and keep reading!

Be Accommodating with Shipping

Being accommodating with shipping while your storefront is closed is one sure way to provide great customer service. In order to keep up with demand, try to avoid any issues that can complicate shipping. Investing in flat rate shipping and using carrier-provided packaging can help you avoid shipping issues and keep shipping prices low for your customers. If a customer expresses a problem about shipping, being understanding and generous will help you provide good customer service and ensure their continued business.

Offer Special Deals

You can offer special deals while your storefront is closed in order to provide great customer service. Offering discounts and promotions will help ensure customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. Some popular discount promotion ideas include BOGO (buy one get one) discounts, frequent buyer discounts, and referral discounts. You can also take advantage of seasonal holidays to run limited time offers. Offering special deals like these will not only help your business, but will help your customers feel valued and keep coming back to buy your products.

Stay Personal

Even as your business moves online in the face of store-front closures, you can provide great customer service by personalizing your online business. Staying in touch with your customers will help you build relationships with them and ensure that they feel valued and appreciated. You can stay personal with your customers by replying to their comments on social media, asking for their opinions and feedback on your products, and expressing gratitude for their purchases. Taking time to interact with your customers as much as possible will help you retain that special touch of great customer service you had when your store-front was open.

Being accommodating with shipping, offering special deals, and staying personal in your business practices will help you provide the best customer service even when your store-front is currently closed. These skills will not only serve you in times of the global pandemic, but will ensure your continued business success for a long time to come.

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