How to Show Employees You Value Them

Your employees are the means of production and progress for your business… of course you value them! Showing them that you value their contributions is the best way to keep them effective, happy and loyal to your company. Here are a few simple things you can do to demonstrate your appreciation.

Reward Positive Results

When an employee (or group of employees) has performed a task or completed a project successfully, emphasize the importance of this success! Whether it be checkpoints reached, expectations surpassed, or an excellent review, offering rewards for those jobs well done reinvigorates energy and determination for quality performance. Get creative with these rewards and get feedback from your employees as to what motivators work best. Rewards don’t have to be expensive! A potluck lunch party, movie tickets, help from the resident intern for a day, anything that provides a kind of break or relaxation from the stresses of work, functions as an effective motivator. Create a culture of encouragement and support as your team lifts each other in healthy competition.

Let Them Provide Input

These employees are at the forefront of your business. They interact with customers, troubleshoot issues, and develop the basic routine of your company procedures. This makes them an invaluable source of feedback towards improvements. Take advantage of their firsthand experience and wisdom, and thereby let them feel like a central part of your business’s progress! Ask them what the frequent issues are, and what solutions they believe would minimize or eliminate these issues. What are the most common questions, comments and concerns they receive? Where do they see potential income losses? What things are unnecessary, and what could they be replaced with? Your frontline workers can help implement cost-saving improvements if given a chance.

Personal Communication

Make an effort to personally communicate your appreciation to your employees. Individual interaction will demonstrate your investment in individual successes… plus, developing personal relationships with the people who work for you creates a level of dedication and loyalty that will act as further incentive for your workers to do their best, to succeed for their own gain and yours! Even simple words of affirmation declaring that you recognize their contributions to your company are incredibly valuable! Help them feel accepted, needed, secure, compliment their skills, and tell them you believe in their abilities.

Create a healthy and productive environment that employees want to be in! Reward them for their good work, seek their advice, and communicate your appreciation to them personally, and they will feel valued for their work.

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