How to Supercharge Your Retirement Savings

Your retirement savings are important for your future. The amount you have saved will allow you to live how you want once retired. To retire sooner, you can supercharge your retirement savings. To supercharge your retirement savings, you can max out your 401 (k), start a cash balance plan, and reduce your debt.

Max Out Your 401 (k)

A 401 (k) is one of the easiest ways to build your retirement savings. Often employers will match a contribution to a 401 (k) which can help maximize your savings. Maxing out your 401 (k) means that you contribute the maximum amount of money allowed over a year. In 2022 the max amount you can contribute is $20,500. This doesn’t include employee matches so you can end up with more each year. While it would be nice to contribute the maximum amount, you also need to ensure that it makes sense financially. You should also account for your yearly salary, have an emergency fund, and pay any debts as well as your short-term financial goals.

Start a Cash Balance Plan

Cash balance plans can only be done through a business, even if the business has only the owner as an employee. Cash balance plans are “hybrid” plans because they act like defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. The benefit of cash balance plans is that they have a high contribution limit, and they also reduce the taxable income. This can be beneficial if you are an entrepreneur and own your own business because you can supercharge your retirement savings. Older entrepreneurs can contribute more than $200,000 to these types of plans.

Reduce Debt

To maximize your saving ability, you need more money to put aside instead of paying into debts. The most important debt you can get rid of is high-interest debt. Typical interest rates on things like credit cards are 16%. Meanwhile, on the stock market, you can expect a return of about 7%. This means that getting rid of your debt will free up more money to contribute to your retirement savings. Additionally, continuing to keep your high-interest debt low can help you save more.

Supercharging your retirement savings will help you build your wealth and can even help you retire earlier than expected. Starting early will help you, but it is never too late to start. To maximize savings, take advantage of any plans available to you.

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